Doom Ribbons- The Violence, The Violence LP…….FNR-007

A little trip into the uncertainty of existence.  Guitar rhythm looping and effecting by Shane Perlowin of the Ahleuchatistas and percussion sampling shaking and chanting by James Owen of Doom Ribbons fame—Plus a # of guest musicians with the horns … Continue reading

True Stereo 7″…….FNR-006

Punk rock that might renew some jaded bastards’ faith in the rock music!—Chattanooga Tenn. “supergroup?”—-see Hidden Spots, ADD/C, Queerwulf, Future Virgins, Princess Thunderstorm—-seriously, see them/get any/all aforementioned bands’ records after you fall in love with the True Stereo 7″ and … Continue reading

Tony Wain and the Payne- Don’t Worry About Anything Ever LP……….FNR-005

A truly booze soaked record of the best kind of Appalachian country music. Non-alt country rockin songs about love problems, getting high/drunk, and trying to keep it together.  Banjo, fiddle, standing drummer, and some geeetarrrs partly recorded on a broken … Continue reading

Peter Stubb- Selected Cuts Volume 2 LP……..FNR-004

Second helping from the wildest outsider folk rocker living in Dalton, Ga. today.  We packed 18 tracks on this one to showcase the array of sounds this honestly human artist has put on tape over the last 20 years—–included are … Continue reading

Princess Thunderstorm 7″…….FNR-003

One last small dose of  dual guitar-driven “genius” punk by NC/TENN wild weirdo rockers Mayfield/Bishop/Ferguson/Miller/Farm.  ”Rock is Dead” and “Maneater” both sound quite unique/epic to us, get em before they’re gone —- “this music makes you smarter”—unknown oogle review $6 … Continue reading

Peter Stubb- Selected Cuts Volume 1 LP……..FNR-002

Our FAVORITE N. Ga. wildman has been self-releasing the coolest mostly solo, mostly acoustic outsider redneck folk rock on cassette for the past 2 decades, and we all knew it was time for those amazing tracks to be heard on … Continue reading

Princess Thunderstorm/ Electric Damn split 12″…….FNR-001

Two of Asheville North Carolina’s most rockin’est bands of the new-ish millenium….Electric Damn is “fast and heavy rock and roll with sweet riffage” that sounds too stoned for the boss not to know—-as Princess Thunderstorm is Josh and Tony from … Continue reading