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Instrumental  rock and roll!  The guitar rockin of Jason Krekel (Mad Tea), brass from some wildly popular bands(Squirell Nut Zippers, Firecracker Jazz Band), and the bass/drums from some other wildly popular acts(Reigning Sound, Unholy Trio, Drunken Prayer, Freakwater).—If Herb Alpert could have gone surfing in the mountains of North Carolina with Les Paul on Christmas day—–This 7″ with the big hole = a Henry Westmoreland original, a  Dave Gay original, a Greg Cartright cover, and a Ventures cover—–rock it!


A little trip into the uncertainty of existence.  Guitar rhythm looping and effecting by Shane Perlowin of the Ahleuchatistas and percussion sampling shaking and chanting by James Owen of Doom Ribbons fame—Plus a # of guest musicians with the horns and violins and various noise making devices —–this LP sounds like the end of the world—500 copies with covers silk-screened at FamilyNight/Static Age Records with art by James from the band who also speaks Cherokee.



12 bux



Punk rock that might renew some jaded bastards’ faith in the rock music!—Chattanooga Tenn. “supergroup?”—-see Hidden Spots, ADD/C, Queerwulf, Future Virgins, Princess Thunderstorm—-seriously, see them/get any/all aforementioned bands’ records after you fall in love with the True Stereo 7″ and its very handsome/funny/intelligent members.  Recorded by Mike Pack mastered by Dave Barbe.




5 bux

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